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    If you want to upgrade your own skills and learn how to get more people to your website, how to make more bookings, or what new tools are available for better social media management... Book your workshop or one-on-one consulting session today!

    I may also offer group workshops in your area, or you can engage me to come to your office and train your team…

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    Craft a Web Presence You Absolutely Love

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    I know, you don’t just want any kind of website – you want the most awesome website imaginable.

    I’ve designed and built over 50 websites, and I’ve learned a thing or two.

    I'll introduce you to the tools, tactics and ideas that will not only inspire amazing design, but will also make sure we put your website to work for you and your business – 24/7.

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    Think of Me as Your Marketing Department

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    Finally, your business can have your very own, in-house, dedicated sales & marketing support without the commitment of a full-time payroll!

    I’m serious. If you’re ready to hear it from all angles, discuss all of your online marketing tactics and strategies, and really dive in - this opportunity is for you!

    With just a few hours of my time each week, learn how far we can take your business!



    The amount of time I saved by hiring Jana is incredible!

    I approached Jana with a folder crammed with ideas, fonts and colour swatches. From this, she and I managed to create a brand and logo that suits my business perfectly. The amount of time I saved by hiring Jana is incredible! Not only did she built me an e-commerce website, but she also took the time to help me understand and navigate it. I couldn’t have launched my business successfully without her. Thank you thank you!

    Terri Blizzard

    We?can finally say we really exist in Google world!

    Since sitting down with Jana only a few months ago to discuss the direction of business, our web presence has expanded significantly. We are both industrious girls who like to do things on our own but when we came up against the wall of the web coding world (that we know nothing about and decided we did not want to tackle), we sought out Jana for her expertise. In the short time since we hired Jana, we have seen quite a jump in our website and blog post visits and we can finally say we really exist in Google world! We are happy to say we are getting more inquires about our services from other areas now and not just locally. We can't wait to see how far we can go as it will only get better.?Thank you Jana!

    Lolo and Noa loloandnoa.com

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